Welcome to the Texas Celtic Athletic Association


What are we all about?


The Texas Celtic Athletic Association is a Texas-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Visit our website at www.txceltics.com

Our Mission

To foster amateur sports competition, support and develop amateur athletes, and take an active role in enhancing our communities through our guiding principles of dedication, fairness, achievement and compassion.

Our Vision

To create a model for athletic competition standards, charitable works, and community engagement that will be replicated and improved upon by like-minded individuals and organizations.


TCAA values strength. Strength of mind, spirit, resolve, as well as body. TCAA and its members will have the strength of mind to dedicate themselves to their causes, the strength of spirit to lift up those in need, the strength of resolve to never abandon what we help to build, and the strength in our bodies to honor the Celtic athletic tradition.

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